Ganga Open Well Submersible Pumps can be installed inside the water in open wells. It is easy to install and requires no foundation for Vertical and Horizontal Open Well Submersible pumps. No strain in lifting the Monoblock from bed to bed to protect the motor windings, as in case of conventional monoblock pumps. This pumps has only a positive suction head and there will be no priming problems.

     Ganga Open well submersible pump is made up of graded cast - Iron components and SS 304 outer case. All the components exposed to well water are treated with a special coating to prevent rust formation and to increase the life of the pump.

     Motor is completely sealed off from the external water source and is capable of working at a wide range of voltage fluctuations. Bushes are water lubricated and a thrust bearing is provided to take axial and radial loads. 

     AISI 304 grade stainless steel sleeves give a long rust free service.

  Ganga Engineering Works, Coimbatore, India is a manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of Open well Submersible Pumps to the needs of the customers since 1978. 
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